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Kesla’s 12-series timber trailers have been designed for professional use with even the largest tractors. These trailers are available whether with mechanical or hydrostatic-mechanical drive. Their terrain-operating characteristics are exceptional, and the line includes timber trailers with traction capacity of up to 5 tonnes. In difficult conditions, the terrain ability can be improved with chains or tracks. Drive release facilitates faster driving speed in highway traffic.

The mechanical 12MD/MDH trailer can be fitted with hydraulically controlled head rack, frame lock and a rear-axle mounted tow bar.

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Model Product Family () Carrying capacity (t) Weight including front screen, beam control and extra bunk (kg)
Kesla 12MD 12 12 3220
Kesla 12MDH 12 12 3700
Total length (mm) Total width (mm) Load space area (m2) Load space length (mm)
6210 2250-2500 3.15 4050
6210 2250-2500 3.15 4050
Ground clearance (mm) Bunks / posts (standard) () Hydraulic articulated tow bar (o) Max drive speed with drive engaged (km/h) Drive power ()
530-560 4/8 ±40 10,0 5,3
530-560 4/8 ±40 5,0 4,8