KESLA 28RH-II Roller Harvester Head: Starting at $105 028 USD (incl. computer)

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KESLA 28RH-II Roller Harvester Head: Starting at $105028 USD (including computer)


KESLA 28RH-II is a totally new head for final felling, replacing the old KESLA 28RH well known for its reliability and durability. The head features powerful hydraulics combined with totally new modular frame construction, ensuring excellent power-to-weight ratio. Kesla’s unique feed roller geometry with variable roller angle gives excellent traction and minimized friction when delimbing. This together with powerful hydraulics enables even 36kNm delimbing force at high feeding speed, all with less fuel consumption. KESLA 28RH-II is available as 2WD as well 3WD version featuring a bottom roller with two motors. It’s a perfect choice for both soft and hardwood logging as well as debarking eucalyptus or acacia.

Sturdy construction with large axles and bearings ensure long lifetime with less costs for maintenance. Open and clear design makes daily service and maintenance easy and convenient, while still giving excellent protection for sensitive components and hoses.

KESLA 28RH-II can be equipped with several feeding motors of different size and lots of other options to match different working conditions and base machines. It is suitable to heaviest rubber-wheeled harvesters and 18-25 tonne excavators.


Watch the Kesla 28RH in action here!

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Model Width, head open (mm) Width, head closed (mm) Length (mm) Height (without rotator) (mm) Weight (without rotator) (kg)
Kesla 28RH-II 3WD 1670 1210 1635 1890 1440
Kesla 28RH-II 2WD 1670 1210 1635 1890 1380
Max. cutting diameter (mm) Guide bar length (") Saw motor displacement (cc) Feeding () Feed force (kN) Knives ()
780 90 30/41 3 rollers 30 4 moving + 1 fixed
780 90 30/41 2 rollers 27-36 4 moving + 1 fixed
Diameter tip-to-tip (mm) Max. opening, front knives (mm) Max. opening, rear knives (mm)
480 720 760
480 720 760
Operating pressure (bar) Flow required (l/min) Power required (kW)
280 250 120
280 250 120