KESLA 303 Loader

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The strong Kesla 300 series timber loaders are built for heavy-duty use. The model 303 is available with one or two extensions. It is compatible with trailers from series 102, 122 or 12.

Features of Kesla 303-model:

  • Cast 4-cylinder slew system with oil bath and a slewing angle of 380 degrees.
  • Thanks to the wide-angle joint and the optimized boom length, the loaders have excellent loading characteristics in all boom positions, long reach, superb lifting capacity and slewing torque in their size range.
  • Materials of very high quality.
  • Expansive working geometry similar to professional loaders.
  • Kesla 303 loader has the CR300-rotator and link with swing damper as part of the standard delivery.
  • Mechanical 2-lever control as standard.
  • Kesla proG20-grapple with bearings (0.18 m2) as standard.
  • Long lasting bearings thanks to the extremely low friction coefficient.

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Model Outreach (m) Boom extension (m) Lifting torque (net, 4 m) (kNm)
Kesla 303 6.8 1.65 31
Lifting torque (brutto, 4 m) (kNm) Lifting capacity at 3 m (kg) Lifting capacity at 4 m (kg) Lifting capacity at maximum outreach (kg)
42 900 795 410
Slewing angle (o) Slewing torque (kNm) Working pressure (bar) Recommended oil flow fixed/LS (l/min) Weight (kg)
380 13.5 190 30-50 /100-120 885