KESLA 305 Loader

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The powerful KESLA 305 loader is built for extremely hard work. The loader can be installed on the rear axle casing of a large tractor, drawbar of a big forest trailer, forest machine, or it can be used for feeding chippers, for example.

KESLA 305 has expansive working geometry similar to professional loaders.

It has conveniently short lifting boom with the benefits of a long reach. Outer boom has wide-angle joint, which gives excellent loading characteristics at close quarters. The loaders lifting capacity and slewing torque are excellent.

Watch the 305T in action here!

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Model Outreach (m) Boom extension (m) Lifting torque (net, 4 m) (kNm)
Kesla 305 6.9 1.8 52
Kesla 305T 8.5 2 x 1,7 45
Lifting torque (brutto, 4 m) (kNm) Lifting capacity at 3 m (kg) Lifting capacity at 4 m (kg) Lifting capacity at maximum outreach (kg)
65 1650 1290 720
65 1500 1150 490
Slewing angle (o) Slewing torque (kNm) Working pressure (bar) Recommended oil flow fixed/LS (l/min) Weight (kg)
380 16 190 40-70 / 110-140 1260
380 16 190 50-80 / 110-140 1370