KESLA 20SH-II Stroke Harvester Head: Starting at $54296 USD (incl. computer)

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KESLA 20SH-II Stroke Harvester Head: Starting at $54 296 USD (including computer)


The Kesla 20SH-II stroke harvester head is particularly well suited to the effective processing of robustly branched trees, either standing or in piles. Processing of valuable special trees without damaging timber surface is also easy with this harvester head. Thanks to the proSTROKE partial stroke function, even the delimbing of crooked trees is efficient. The optimum diameter of trees is 25 cm. The Kesla 20SH-II suits 7-13 ton base machines.


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Model Width, head open (mm) Width, head closed (mm) Length (mm) Height (without rotator) (mm) Weight (without rotator) (kg)
Kesla 20SH-II 950 855 1400-2150 1275


Max. cutting diameter (mm) Guide bar length (") Saw motor displacement (cc) Feeding () Feed force (kN) Knives ()
520 22 10 stroke feed 41 2 moving + 1 fixed
Diameter tip-to-tip (mm) Max. opening, front knives (mm) Max. opening, rear knives (mm) Operating pressure (bar) Flow required (l/min) Power required (kW)
330 480 520 175-220 100-150 30-55